Advertising and marketing is something every company needs to handle. No one gets customers or clients if no one knows they exist. There are lots of famous quotes on this where the most popular one may be “All advertising is good advertising –  even the bad” Maybe you shouldn´t take this literally when you are starting up your business. In the beginning you need to be sure about what you give out in information because it is crucial that you can make good on all your promises to get a good reputation. It can be a good idea to take help on the marketing in the beginning since you are not always the best person to advertise yourself. There is lots of help to be had on the subject, companies that are specialized on making you and your company look good.

What is marketing

Marketing are the activities made by a company to catch the eye of clients and customers. You want to make people interested in your product or service. You want to create an interest in the company and the product or service you are offering. It is a process aiming on creating long and strong relationships with your customers because that is what makes a business survive, good customers that come back to you and that can spread a good word on your behalf.


Marketing as a concept comes from the Italian economist Giancarlo Pallavicini who used it in 1959. The Pallavicini legacy lead to what today is called modern marketing. He defined marketing as a way to define and produce a product and offers of which there is a need in the market. In modern time this saying has a large impact on the marketing. It is also important to make offers aimed directly at the customer to create a value for them. By working on positioning the products in the market you can generally reach success. At the same time, it is very important that the product is of the quality that you say and promise in your advertising.  

The marketing processes

The marketing process is divided into five steps; The first is a market survey where you try to understand the consumer and the market. It is crucial to the company to understand the needs in the market and what the customer need and mostly what they want. In the second step you create a strategy, where you look at things like segments, positioning and targeting. It is when you get to the third step the active part begins. You create a product or service based on what you found in step one and two and by using the four ground rules of marketing; price, product, position and affect. This is called a marketing mix. In step four you make a business briefcase in which you create a value to generate a good relationship by high quality and good service. The last step is when you have the value and the general thought on making customers return and be faithful. This is all created by an effective marketing communication.

Most countries have rules and laws on what you can do or not. Following these rules is often based on common sense. Stick to the codes of the branch and laws and norms that follow. Most people can understand that it is not allowed to advertise something that isn´t true!

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