Fraud and corporate hi-jack

It has become more and more usual with frauds today, like corporate hi-jacks. Far from everyone reports that they have been subject for this kind of fraud, mostly because they believe that that kind of publicity can damage the company name and be bad for business and the brand. Even if the company hi-jackers are reported it is, most times, hard to find the one responsible for the crime why it is important to try to prevent this kind of crimes instead.  


The word, corporate hi-jack, can be explained by someone, unauthorized, taking control of the company. For example, they can by forging a signature change proxy for the company and in that way access everything and drain the company of its assets very quickly. This is of course a nightmare for every businessman. Of course, there are precautions to take to decrease the risk.  

Signs of hi-jacking

A fraud or hi-jack can be discovered in many different ways. The most common way is to get invoices or demands for payments that you have nothing to do with. The bank can send papers on transactions you have no idea what they are about. You can also notice a decrease or lack of money in your accounts, or strange withdrawals. Sometimes when you “Google” your company’s name you can see different phone numbers or emails than your own. It can also be detected when mail stop arriving because someone has made a change of address for the company.



No matter what country you are situated in your company needs to be registered with the authorities. This is also where you turn to get advice on how to minimize the risk of being set up for fraud or hi-jacking. Instead of using conventional mail you can receive all your mail in an email-box and in that way minimize the risk of your mail being stolen and used to access classified information about the company. There are serious businesses that offer insurances and provide service against frauds. To know whether a company is serious you need to take references. Some services can be worth paying for. For example, a service regarding credit checking can give a heads up when something is happening in the company name regarding loans and checking. As usual you should, both as a civil person and a businessman, be very cautious of when and where you are giving out information such as card numbers or bank account numbers. To be on the safe side it is good to look at your safety when it comes to IT. Both software and firewalls. Another way to avoid disorders in IT is not to klick on attached links or enclosed files from unknown senders. E-legitimation is something that is used more every day for as well businesses as for individuals in contact with authorities.

Be careful with to whom or where you share your personal information!