How to Store Information: The Biggest Risks and Good PracticesHow to Store Information: The Biggest Risks and Good Practices

How to Store Information: The Biggest Risks and Good Practices

The ability to exchange information effectively is one of the key-points that has enabled humanity to reach the stage of development where we are now. Although information usually has no physical body at this time, its value is often extremely high. Now, the priority might be to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the […]

Leasing Company Equipment

When you start a business of your own and all the pieces seem to fall into place, it can be wise to look at the possibilities to lease some of the company´s equipment instead of investing. Sometimes it can be more profitable to lease machines and equipment instead of buying. The ownership of the equipment […]

Avoid Traps in Business

You have just started your new business; your dream and idea has started! Everything looks good but boom! Everything crashed! Unexpected things can happen and often they happen just because you are not prepared. Learning from other people’s mistakes is no cliché, it´s a qualification for starting your own business and to survive the first […]

Patent – to protect your product

Legal protection A patent is a form, giving the owner the legal rights to use, and others not to use, manufacture, sell, import or export the product. The product is usually an innovative invention where the inventor sees an exclusive market for sales and the opportunity to make lots of money. A patent is not […]

Brand protection

When you start your own business, whether it is in production or service, it is important to protect your brand. If your company is well-established with a good reputation, you want it to be safe so that no other company can put their fingers and logo on it. An example could be a Chinese motorcycle […]

Fraud and corporate hi-jack

It has become more and more usual with frauds today, like corporate hi-jacks. Far from everyone reports that they have been subject for this kind of fraud, mostly because they believe that that kind of publicity can damage the company name and be bad for business and the brand. Even if the company hi-jackers are […]

Runaway digitalisation

Rising development creates a need for young entrepreneurs. It has never been as important as it is now to raise young enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The markets where they act are rapidly changing the development, above all in the technic area. Development in digital platforms and computer solutions is happening at a furious pace. This development affects […]

Mentorship – A Way to Success

When you have started and developed a company, the next step can be to get yourself a mentor. Mentorship can be the difference between success and failure. A mentor can give valuable advice that can help evolve your company. Even well-established entrepreneurs can gain from mentor´s advice. It can relieve stress and insecurity in case […]


How To Establish Your Company as a Trustworthy Brand Online

Whatever your company’s main focus, security for both yourself and your customers is of paramount importance. In a world where so much business is now conducted online – including transactions, the exchange and storage of personal information, and even the drawing up of deals and contracts – robust measures must be put in place to […]


When starting a new business there are lots of things to keep in mind.  Everything from suppliers to taxes and agreements and deals. One of the first things a new entrepreneur or store owner needs to get in order is insurance. As a new business owner, you put yourself at risk, big risks that can […]